Frequently Asked Questions

Where are classes located, and what are the hours?

Please visit our classes page for all class times and locations.

Tell me about the instructors and what to expect in class.

All Stead For Life instructors are specially trained to work with senior adults. Each instructor has the expertise to strengthen legs, ankles and upper body to lessen the risk of falls caused by unsteadiness. Each class has many parts using light weights, thera-bands and obstacles courses, to mention a few. Everyone is encouraged to do what they can and to tailor their class experiences to what is comfortable for their body. No special “dress” is needed.

How do I know which class will meet my needs?

This can be determined by discussing your balance with our Director, Kim Davis; and if you’d like, being assessed with a free balance evaluation.  The assessment takes about 15 minutes. You may call Kim to schedule your appointment at 256-213-1976 or email at

Do classes have beginning and ending dates?

Our classes are structured so that anyone can begin on any given day. Even though there isn’t a “graduation day”, there are levels of classes so that one can advance to a more challenging class as balance improves.

What is the cost to participate?

There is a $24 per month tuition for those attending a class that meets 2 times per week.  $30 per month for those programs meeting 3 times per week.  This pays for our highly qualified and experienced balance instructors and their certification courses.  If a participant wants to take two classes the same day, they add $12 per month for the second class.

In January and July of each year, Steady for Life provides options to pay semi-annually or annually and recieve a discount.

You can pay via credit card or directly from your bank account by filling out our payment form and bringing it to your Steady for Life instructor when you come to class. You can also bring instructors a check made out to Steady for Life.

What are the holiday and inclement weather policies?

There will be no classes New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving holiday – Wednesday thru Friday, the week of Christmas holiday until the 3rd day of January.  Inclement weather closings will follow the recommendations of the Huntsville City, Madison County & Madison City Schools.

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